June 4, 2011

The Fall Of The Green Knight.

Here's a tribute to my faithful 12 year old Satria.

Getting me one place to another, he has been with me thru many adventures... 
.. especially when I get lost. Which is often.

He has served me well, with little disappointment.

He was strong till his last days, and will now serve another owner.

March 14, 2011


3 months into bumming life, or rather microbusiness life, I am faced with a decision to make. To put the company on hold. Being self-employed even though may be a great thing to do, and quite promising to say the least, is not the only way. There’s nothing wrong about being employed, just incase I gave the impression that I’m against employment.

5 reasons I am no longer fully self-employed.     

1. Little to loose, lots to gain.
3 months into starting somewhat free-lance business, I could already see potential in business growth. With additional jobs coming in, and if I secure a few more clients. I’ll have a pretty comfortable life by the next 3 months. It will be a gradual growth that branches from my current connections. But if I put that on hold, and join a group of connections now, when I restart the business the growth will be exponential.

2. Right fit.
Detailed project follow-ups stresses me out, that’s why going back to account servicing even though I was ok at it, scares me a little. Brainstorming and presentations has always been home to me. I do miss that search for the unconventional and I miss the adrenaline that theatric-presentations brings. 

3. Local Business.
I have always expressed that I believe in local businesses. Not that I hate MNCs, but I just feel we shouldn’t be shipping all our hard earned fortune out of the country. Hypocrite I know since 80% of the products I use are international brands. Well, time to act on what I believe right? Local business for-the-win! :P

4. Least risk.
In the conventional sense, the choice with the least risk would be joining a big MNC like Nestlé. (I did btw, almost went for a Nestlé interview, but did not in the end.. long story). The real risk of joining an MNC is that there isn’t much risk! I could easily see where I would be in 10 years if I had joined Nestlé. Which is good, but it’s just good with little hope of great.

5. Life’s too short to be lazy
Free-lancing is a pretty sweet life if you have not tried it. You wake up 930am when everyone is already at work, get some coffee going, reply urgent eMails (if there are any), get some work done. Go for lunch, go for a movie, get a lil more work done, go for coffee, go for dinner, come back for American Idol, go for night drinks, sleep. 

I absolutely adore days like these, especially when it still brings in the cash. But too much of it does make me a little lazy. When I hit 23 last year, it was my first time I actually felt I was getting old! I’m 23, time is running out! I quit my one-brand job so that I can work on more brands at a time, but even then, there’s no time for me to be working on 2-3 accounts for the next 3 months. I’m bracing myself for the 15 accounts per month workload in the near future. This will fill-up my portfolio and fast-forward me toward the goal.

Let's do this.

December 29, 2010

Bummer or Entrepreneur

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work.” - Steve Jobs
No matter what people say about that the “being” is more important than the “doing”, what you do in many ways defines who you are. How you invest your time shapes the person you are and the person you are going to be. Which also means, in many ways we cannot detach our work-life from our personal-life. Otherwise we will be suffering from continual schizophrenia, which when suffered long-term result in chronic de-identification. 

If you have heard, I recently left my role at Pfizer (Wyeth). Not because it was horrible there. To be honest, progress was looking quite promising (internal company pun). In a short term, I was given the opportunity to excel and present myself upward. The people and atmosphere amongst colleagues were warm. Perks were more than average. But at the end, it boils down to the day-to-day actionables. I guess a chunk of what I was doing was not how I wanted to define myself. Also, I didn’t want to be restricted to the infant milk industry for the long-term. 

My last day was on 17th December and I was on a holiday at Sydney since then. The fact that I am unemployed and now a bummer (or an entrepreneur, depends on how you look at it haha) has not really sinked in yet. The fact that everyone else is on leave till the end of the year doesn’t help but make me feel that I’m just on an year-end leave. 
So what’s next? 

What I have been telling everyone, and what I intend to do is; to re-start my somewhat freelance jobs and eventually grow that to a substantial cashflow, which would leave me more time to try develop and create value in different ways. The goal is not to make tons of money in this short time, the goal is to establish the minimum to maximize my time investment.

Well, I can talk all I want, but if I don’t get my first deal going, it’ll all be just unrealized ideas. What specifically I tend to freelance? I won’t have that publicized till I can secure a first project. Will tell you personally if anyone’s interested. Basically it’s somewhat what advertising agency offers distilled down to only specific services, skewed to social-media, minimal design and strategy. And yes, because I’m free lancing, I’m sure it’s for a fraction of the cost. Know any marketeers trying to save some money? ;)

The plan is to try to start this the next 2-3 months, and if I don’t see any prospects from that first deal, high possibility I’ll venture back to where I came from originally, which is to advertising not in client servicing or creative, but to strategic planning. I guess looking at the big picture, looking at what grows a brand, and to be consumer focused is still what gets me excited. Not so much looking into detail operations and logistic execution. Different personalities perform better when placed in different roles, and I for one get a bit frustrated with too much operation work.

It’s surely not going to be as straight-forward as I think it would be. Circumstances change from time to time. For example, I had a surprising call 2 days ago that opened doors to another opportunity. I didn’t know I had to make a decision so fast. My proper bumming days have not even started! I’ve not indicated any answer to that call yet. I guess I’ll base the decision on; whether or not does the actionables involve in that job fits into how I want to define myself. Does it?

December 12, 2009

Going mobile

Since Twitter, blogs are dying.. At least mine is.

Just installed an app to blog from my iPhone.. Maybe I'll blog more now?

- Posted from my iPhone